ONENET™ CAD Includes:

  • Alerts by location

  • Chat (dispatch/mobile)

  • Command line (Configurable)

  • Integrated mapping

  • Interfaces to AVL, E911, Mobile, etc…

  • Multi-agency/multi-jurisdictional

  • Previous call history

  • Resource Recommendations

  • Stacked calls

  • Standard operating procedures

  • Texting

ONENET™ CAD provides a fully functional CAD interface as part of its core product at no additional cost.


To support different Dispatcher data entry preferences, ONENET™ CAD provides both a

text-based Command Line Interface as well as a

menu-driven interface.

ONENET™ Mobile includes:

  • AVL Integration

  • Chat (dispatch/mobile)

  • Command line (Configurable)

  • Full Call for Service information including alerts and previous calls

  • Integrated Mapping

  • Self Dispatch

  • Smart status buttons (configurable)

  • Texting

  • Traffic stop entry screen

  • Quick & Easy software updates

ONENET™ Mobile runs on any display with sufficient resolution and internet access providing complete Mobile access as part of the core product.


As a browser-based application ONENET™ Mobile makes the most of an agency’s current (and planned) technology investment by enabling each agency to mix and match between MDTs and newer devices such as tablets.

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