In many cases, CAD systems are the first point of entry for information received during an emergency and the ability of first responders to respond quickly and prioritize resource assignments is vital.


OneNet™ CAD's cloud-based platform with global visibility as well as true interoperability with applications and devices meets that challenge. The OneNet™ CAD platform is intuitive, customizable and offers quick access to information that keeps first responders safe.


OneNet™ CAD empowers dispatchers with a user-friendly screen that simplifies the routine tasks of dispatching. With OneNet™ CAD, dispatchers can allocate personnel to locations quickly, safely, and better prepare first responders with the right situational information and necessary resources.

OneNet™ CAD Includes:

  • Alerts by location

  • Chat (dispatch/mobile)

  • Integrated mapping

  • Interfaces (AVL & E-911)

  • Multi-agency/multi-jurisdictional

  • Previous call history

  • Resource Recommendations

  • Stacked calls

  • Standard operating procedures

  • Texting

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