OneNet™ CAD provides a fully functional CAD interface as part of its core product at no additional cost. OneNet™ CAD supports flexible dispatch, self-dispatch, silent dispatch and shared dispatch. To support different Dispatcher data entry preferences, OneNet™ CAD provides both a text-based Command Line Interface as well as a menu-driven interface. Each call is automatically given a sequential incident number based on agency settings. Calls can be canceled by checking a box on the initial call screen. Even when canceled, the call is tracked with number and can be counted statistically, or altered, dispatched, etc., at any time in the future.

OneNet™ Mobile runs on any display with sufficient resolution and internet access providing complete Mobile access as part of the core product. As a browser-based application OneNet™ Mobile makes the most of an agency’s current (and planned) technology investment by enabling each agency to mix and match between MDTs and newer devices such as tablets. OneNet™ Mobile is centrally administered so updates take a matter of minutes, system-wide (no more installing updates on each desktop or cruiser). Mapping is also integrated into the system.

OneNetCAD provides our first responders with cutting-edge technology. Our cloud-based system offers scalable solutions to clients of all sizes.

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